Friday, May 6, 2011

Adios, Summit!

Our last Summit project culminated with the even we've been organizing for months: the Green Carnival! It was a great event to say goodbye to our awesome project and kids at Boyd, who came out and enjoyed all the games we had set out for them, as well as all the prizes and booths that we helped put together. There were kids getting their faces painted with Desiree, playing Green I Spy with Drew, Taylor and I, posing for pictures with Amy and Anna, and given information bags by Jimmy. This coincided with Earth Day, and the day was beautiful and enjoyable at the circle with all the local stores and coffee shops coming in and presenting their organic treats to everyone.
We also packed the car twice with all the recycling we've been doing, and it made me realize it would be one of the last trips, if not the second to last, we would make to the recycling center for my entire Sophomore year. I'm going to miss Summit, working with my roommates at Boyd, the kids over there (especially Amelia, the really cute child that would always attend our meetings) and living in the best houses on campus. Summer is here in a week, and I'm looking forward to returning to Guatemala and bringing back a few of the things I picked up while living in Summit (such as the recycling of all these different materials) and Skyping with the people I've grown used to seeing every day at my home here. Gracias Summit, Adios!


  1. And I forgot to speak about my challenges at Summit and my advice for future groups... Challenges were definitely how we would organize our schedules to fit the schedules of our faculty advisor or the Boyd kids, and this would be troublesome because not all of us could make it to meetings as a complete team the whole time. Communication and figuring out our schedules is key for this, so for future Summit groups, I would suggest to get organized at the beginning of each semester and through email or by putting a schedule up in your house know where your roommates are going to be at certain times!